5 Best Voice Search Optimization Strategies in SEO

voice search in seo

Voice search allows users to use voice commands to search the internet. The search method is the same as the normal search, but the difference is that we are using voice as input for search instead of Text.  The search can be done through a smartphone, smart home device or a computer.

As per an article from Quoracreative, 50% of all searches across the internet will be voice-searches by 2020. In this, 30% of all searches will be done using a device without a screen. With rapid mobile penetration, we see this trend rapidly picking up in India especially among Generation Z. According to Year in Search-India: Insights for Brands, Google has seen 270% YOY growth in the voice search queries.       

There is no doubt that voice search is growing exponentially and optimizing voice search should be a priority for all businesses. Here are five simple voice search optimization strategies for Search engine marketing from us.      

1.Use Long-tail keywords

When a person searches using a voice assistant like Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, the search query will be mostly conversational keywords than a short, crisp keyword. For example, a user might type “best restaurant near me” in Google Search. But the same person will use a long tail conversation keyword like “Which is the best restaurant near to my house?” when doing the search through search assistant. 

With voice search, most of us treat machines more human than ever before and use a similar conversational style as we talk to another human. Optimizing for this type of long-tail keywords gives us better results with voice searches. Generally, long-tail keywords have lower competition and optimizing for these keywords helps with other searches.

2.Content strategy

Content strategy needs to be prepared to keep in mind the requirements for voice search optimization. One simple rule is to identify all probable questions users of a product or service might have and answer the same in conversational style using How, What, Why about a product or services.

FAQ pages and featured snippets in the search results go hand-in-hand for this. Google values direct answers which match closely to the user’s query in voice search. Featured snippets are a great way to increase inbound traffic and brand awareness.

3.Optimize local SEO

Local SEO means optimizing your website for better search engine result page (SERP) position for search queries which contains location or keywords like “near me”. Keywords like this indicate a user’s intent for results specific to a location. So search engine priorities results related to the specific location over the other results.

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Google Business listing can assist in picking your business in search results when search query specific to your location comes up. For an e.g, “best restaurants near me” or “the best digital marketing agency in Bengaluru” etc. It is necessary to add accurate information about location, services etc in Google Business listing for the same. If your website is local search engine optimized, search engines will not have trouble in answering queries from voice searches.

4.Structured data

Structured data will help the search engine to crawl and read your content efficiently. With the help of schema markup, you can provide quality information about your brand, products and services. It will give a guide to the search engine to provide an effective output when someone makes voice searches. Implementing structured data results in rich snippets which help you to increase click-through rate, drive traffic, and bring you competitive advantages.

5.Mobile friendly

Most of the search is now happening from mobile. This applies to voice searches also. The response time is very important when a voice search happens. Ideally, you need to have a load time which is less than 2 Seconds. The user experience gets impacted when the response to a voice query is delayed. So search engines will not rank your website if you have a higher load time.

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