5 Organic Marketing Strategies for Facebook

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In Social media marketing, every brand’s goal is to connect with the target audience to build a strong brand presence, generate leads, increase website traffic or for building a strong customer relationship. The most popular channel for social media marketing in India is Facebook. Generally, brands spend huge amounts of money on Facebook for social media marketing.

But, It is possible for a brand to create a strong online presence on Facebook without huge budgets. In this blog, we are exploring five ways to create an impactful Facebook presence using organic Facebook marketing. 

  1. Connect with your content

In any social media platform, the content is the king. Brands need to ensure that they are generating goal-oriented content. The primary goal of your content should be to connect with the target audience and make them feel passionate about your brand. When your content is good, then your audience will engage with your content and it will improve the organic reach of your post.

Before crafting a content strategy,  brands need to acquire in-depth knowledge about their target audience, their interests, and online behavior. This will help in identifying the content which will engage with the audience. Content may be in the form of pictures, videos or GIFs. Videos lead as a preferred content mode among the various social media content types available now. As per various studies, videos outperformed photos by 60 to 80% and the year 2020 will be the year of videos. So it is recommended to focus more videos for content generation. You can read out the previous blog to avoid mistakes when creating videos content.

  1. Right post at the right time

Before publishing any content in social media networks, understanding when your targeted audience is most active on Facebook is very important. Considering that there is a lot of content that is getting generated every second, publishing when users are most active helps in improving engagement. According to Sprout Social, the best day to post on Facebook is Wednesday and weekdays from 9 am to 3 p.m give better engagement.

Facebook Engagement


  1. Moment marketing

Moment marketing is creating a relevant connection between offline and online platforms in real-time. in simple terms, creating content for social media using offline trending concepts. Nowadays, most of the brand follows the moment marketing strategy to get maximum visibility. When brands are doing moment marketing, they are using common hashtags and it will give more organic impressions. As a brand, this is a great opportunity to reach maximum people without any paid advertisements.

Examples for Recent moment marketing



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  1. Use hashtags and video tags

Hashtags play a crucial role in increasing organic engagement in your posts. Many searches now happen through hashtags. So it acts as a connecting medium between the audience and a specific conversation. So using relevant hashtag very important. Don’t dumb more hashtags in your post, instead of that use more relevant, quality hashtags. 

Use video tags when you are posting videos on Facebook.  it makes it easy for Facebook to understand video category or video type so that Facebook can suggest it to the relevant audience.

  1. Facebook Contests

One of the other proven strategies which helps brands to improve Facebook reach is contests and giveaways. When leveraging contests, it’s important to ensure that the topic and content resonates with the interests and expectations of the target audience.

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Image Credit: Durex India, DunzoSprout Social

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