5 Success Hacks to Improve Your Amazon SEO

Artboard 8 (1) (1) (1)When making a purchase decision, Amazon visitors usually end up selecting the brands which are listed in the initial positions in the search result page. As a seller, it is critical for you to be able to present in the initial positions during the relevant search to improve sales.  Amazon SEO enables you to optimize your Amazon retail listing. This is working like regular search engine optimization. Wherein Google and other search engines will rank your website based on the algorithm which crawls your website. Optimizing product listing content helps you to improve your listing rank. The following are the 5 hacks that will help you to improve your product listing rank in Amazon for a specific search.

Proper Keyword Research

In Amazon, SEO keyword research has some similar qualities of traditional SEO keyword research. But in Amazon SEO, the focus is more on product attributes and understanding your target customers’ search behavior. For example, many people search for a smartphone under 9000 or a phone which has more battery life. Before listing, it is critical for sellers to do this detailed research to identify potential sale converting keywords and to include them in the content appropriately. This will help your products appear at the top of the Amazon search result when your potential customers are searching with those keywords.

Image Optimization

Do people make decisions based on emotions or logic?  Even though comparative features are important, but mostly as a justification after a buyer makes an emotional decision. Images play a critical role in making the emotional decision in your favor in the Amazon.

Images should boost the confidence of visitors about the product. This happens when you could provide an experience that is closer to actually physically experiencing the product.  Product page visitors should be able to see the products from different angles to get a better understanding of the product and it will help to increase the trust and confidence with your targeted audience. Amazon encourages you to upload the product images that larger than 1000*1000 pixel which allows customers to zoom the images to better understanding.

Focusing on image optimization helps you to increase the conversion rate. When the conversion rate improves, this, in turn, helps you to improve your Amazon listing rankings.

 Amazon Search Terms Optimization

Amazon search term is made up of the multiple keywords which you choose as potential and relevant keywords. It is a backend process where Amazon’s system includes five separate sections for the search term. In these sections, you can enter multiple keywords without repetitions. Each search term length does not exceed more than 250 characters.

We suggest you follow the following rules for Search term Optimization

  •     Do not repeat the keywords
  •     Don’t use more than 250 characters in Search term
  •     Not Use Punctuation Search Terms.
  •     Always Follow Amazon Search Term guidelines.

Optimize Your Product Title

There are several places you can insert relevant keywords in Amazon, but most important is adding keywords to the product title in a proper format. Amazon product title length should not exceed the 100-150 characters. Optimized Amazon titles will also include the product name, brand name, primary feature. When you are crafting product title you can follow general title format:

[Brand Name] + [Product Feature] + [Material] + [Key Ingredient] + [Product Type] + [Model Number] + [Size] + [package count] + [Color] + [Flavor]

 Product Description Optimization

When you post a product, you possibly have a lot you want to say about it. After all, you really need to sell your audience on the benefits of your products compared to the competition. When you try this, it is vital that you break down your information, so it is manageable for your audience to read. The best way to do this mention your product description in the bullet points. it is an easy way to convey the benefits of buying your product to your audience. people will read the content more and feel more informed to purchase. This helps improve your Amazon SEO ranking because it gives you more conversions.

If you are looking for making your own story in the online retail world of e-commerce, you should be listed on Amazon and you should get more traffic to your listings with the optimized content. 

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