5 Video Advertising Mistakes you Should Avoid in 2020.

Video Advertising

Over 80% of all traffic on the internet will consist of video by 2021. It is also becoming an effective marketing tool for companies due to its growing popularity. Parallel to the popularity of video content, investment in video ads also rapidly increased in recent years. According to the Statica, Ad spending in the Indian video advertising segment amounts to $612 Million in 2019 and its expected growth rate is 10.20%CAGR in the year of 2019-2023.

Video advertising is the current trend in digital marketing as it is the most effective tool for catching your targeted audience’s attention. But it is important that you are doing it right. Both quality and content play a key role here. We have noticed that most of the advertisers are making some common mistakes which leads to the failure of the campaigns. Here are the five mistakes you should avoid when you are doing video advertising.

1. Not focusing on the target audiences

Knowing your target customer is one of the fundamental principles in advertising and yet so many get it wrong. You need to know your target audience, their area of interest, their online behavior pattern and which online platform they are most active. Understanding this helps you to create video content that engages with your audience. Reaching out to a perfect audience group who would be interested in your ad content gives you more opportunities for sales and to gain Brand Recognition.

2. Focusing on multiple messages

Don’t add more to the online noise by trying to convey multiple messages to your audience. One of the best ways to generate good results with your advertisements is to focus on a specific message. Your focus should be to deliver a single message which they can connect to. Most of the time we are expecting one video to achieve many goals. When the content overload happens, the audience will start ignoring the video.

3. Pushing your audience to make the purchase

Just as it is with all advertising and marketing models, too much exposure of online users to sale-oriented messages via the video ad content might adversely have an effect on the advertising campaign. When you concentrate more on Sales, viewers may quit the video when it starts playing. Sales Ad should focus to attract the customers with the product benefits and USP. For better results, it is recommended that you build brand recall with brand awareness ads before you start pushing your sales ads.

4. Not maintaining optimal video length

The average attention span of us is now considered to be at 8.25 Sec. So if your video content is too long, then there is more chance that viewers may skip your ads. The ideal duration of the video will vary from platform to platform. Researchers reveal that if you grab their attention in the first 5 seconds, then the chance of skipping the video drastically reduces

 5. Leaving out Call to Action

As an advertiser, you are putting a lot of effort to engage with your potential customers using video ads. It is wise to take engagement further. Take them to your website, sign them up for updates or give them some offers using the call to action. Make sure that you have Call to Action which takes the engagement to the next level.

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