Advantages of using Amazon FBA in India



Amazon has advanced fulfillment networks all over India. With FBA, you can store your products on Amazon fulfillment centers and Amazon will take care of the shipment processes like packaging, shipping and customer service. In this blog, we are looking into some of the advantages, sellers have on opting for Amazon FBA.

  1. More focus on your business

When you are selling through FBA, Amazon is handling all the shipment processes and inventory management. This saves sellers time and helps them to focus on growing business.

  1. Eligible for Amazon Prime

When you are a registered FBA seller, your products will be eligible for the Amazon Prime benefits. Amazon Prime gives you free one day and two-day delivery options. This premium delivery option increases customer demand and brand loyalty.

  1. No minimum inventory fee

FBA gives you a flexible rate structure – no minimum inventory fee. In FBA, sellers need to pay only for the services used. So FBA is an excellent option that allows you to control your operating cost in the most optimal way.

  1. FBA helps you to build the trust

With Amazon FBA, your product receives world-class packaging, shipping, return, and customer service.  This enables your product to gain trust which in turn results in generating more sales.

  1. Cash on delivery

In India, more than 60 percent of online shoppers opt for cash-on-delivery instead of other facilitated options like online banking and credit card. By opting for FBA, sellers can provide more customers the option to purchase their product with cash on delivery.

  1. Offers become more competitive and more visible.

Since FBA products are eligible for free delivery, Amazon prime, it reaches more potential buyers. FBA also helps to compete for the buy box which helps to attract more customers. As per a survey, 86% of the sellers in Amazon increased their sales after started using FBA.

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