Benefits of Digital Marketing


As per the analysis done by statista, the spend on digital adverting is going to reach 335.5 billion dollars in 2020. This is quite jump from 161.77 billion spend on 2015. But in India, business have only started realizing the value of digital marketing. Here are top 5 reasons from TeamSuccesso on why you should be shifting to Digital Marketing immediately.

  1. Reach: Digital marketing enables you to reach a larger audience compared to traditional marketing channels. In India, as per this report from news18, there are 155 million monthly active users, 77 million daily active users, 147 million Mobile monthly active users and 73 million Mobile daily active users for facebook. That is almost double the reach of the Indian newspaper which has the highest circulation.
  1. Ability to Target the right prospects: Most of the platforms available for online marketing enables you to target your prospects efficiently compared to traditional marketing channels. Digital Marketing provides you a variety of options to segment and target the right audience. The most popular among them being Demographic, Behavioral, Remarketing and Context targeting.
  1. Measure: You can measure the number of people to whom your campaigns has reached, the level of engagement it created and how that has resulted in business. There is still a lot to aspire for in this area in Digital Marketing. Still digital marketing beats the other channels hands down in the objectivity it brings in.
  1. Start small, Scale Fast: One of the biggest advantage digital marketing provides to business is the option to start small and then scale faster. This allows you to experiment on multiple channels and with multiple campaigns. This gives you an opportunity to discard the campaign which are not effective without burning a hole in your budget. You can optimize the promising campaigns and once you find your golden goose, you are all set to scale.
  1. Cost effective – Even though the paid campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook are not now as cheap as it used to be, it still remains the most cost-effective option. Digital Marketing also provides you options to organically bring in traffic and Sales with minimal spend – all you need is your ability to produce valuable and engaging content.

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