Best Digital Campaigns of 2017 With Powerful Messages

To capture the minds and hearts of people across the world is not an easy feat. However, social media has made it possible for us to do just that and spread some very powerful messages, while also making a lasting impression on the consumers. From heart-tugging videos, creative problem-solving attempts, to challenging the status quo, these brands have really cracked what it takes to make people sit up, take notice and spread the word. Even though the year is far from over and we’re eagerly awaiting more creative campaigns in the months to come, we have compiled a list of some of the best digital marketing campaigns with a powerful narrative.

Open Your World- Heineken

Political ads are difficult to crack. Ads have previously tried to address this rising intolerance, but none have addressed the human side of these differences. Differences in opinions, lifestyle, religion etc. are settled with fists and guns rather than a healthy discussion. Heineken, in this real-life social experiment brought together people with  opposite views, got them to participate in team-building exercises before unveiling their varying viewpoints. The result reinstates your faith in human understanding. Using Facebook as the primary campaigning medium, this video was widely applauded with 14 million views and shred across platforms.


Release the Pressure -Mirinda

Stress and depression is one of the leading causes of teenage suicides in India according toNational Crime Records Bureau. Just before the board exams in March, PepsiCo India rolled out a tear-jerking campaign discussing the issue of exam stress. In the form of an open letter to parents, a group of children share how they feel with the mounting expectations and pressure to perform. Later, parents were invited to read these candid letter. The ad was first released on Mirinda’s official Youtube channel, and it has gathered over 24 million views since its release.


Last Laugh – Indian Association for Palliative Care

Discussion of death is not one you’d normally associate with comedy. But in an attempt to make it easy for terminally ill patients to live the last stretch of their lives with grace and dignity, IAPC rolled out Last Laugh – a campaign to encourage doctors to consider and recommend palliative care for their patients. To break the taboo around death, terminally ill patients performed stand-up comedy for their families and doctors. The campaign consisted of opinion polls, online videos and discussion forums. It urged doctors to share their own experiences. The campaign turned heads across the world and was even featured on BBC World news with over 3 million views and 300 million impressions.


#WeAccept – Airbnb

Another politically aligned campaign made it on our radar for its sheer simplicity and effectiveness. Released at the Super Bowl just days after President Trump’s travel ban, this ad showed Airbnb’s full support for accepting people from different countries and backgrounds. By strategically capitalising on a current globally trending topic, Airbnb garnered traction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites with over 87 million impressions. The 30 second portrait photography video was viewed over 19 million times and shared by even the conservative audience segments.



The above are the campaign we fall in love with. Please share in comments if you have any recommendations.

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