How to make your brand famous with influencer marketing program?

Influncer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy which leverages niche content creators for building brand awareness, brand locality, online traffic and conversions. These content creators are specialists or experts in their niche area and enjoy a trusted relationship with followers on their social media platforms.

For example, if you are selling protein powder, you would love to reach out to all bodybuilders and fitness freaks. They are your ideal target audience to whom you would love to introduce your product. The conventional approach is to use the advertisement, but that lack trust and is costly. With Influencer marketing programs, you collaborate with influencers in social media whom your target audience looks up to for tips and suggestions. 

 Why influencer marketing?

  • The quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources 
  • 60% of purchasers depend on a recommendation from a trusted source When shopping 
  • Influencer marketing strategies focused on branding or engagements generate 8x ROI 
  • Every brand has a story. It needs to be told.

The five steps to build an influencer strategy 

  •  Define your campaign goal and audience 

The first step in crafting an influencer marketing strategy is to define the campaign goal and audience. You should focus on what is your campaign goal – reach, brand awareness or Sales. A clear understanding of campaign goal and target audience helps you to identify the right influencers for the campaign

  •  Finalize channels and type of influencer

You need to finalize the budget before you start shortlisting influencers for your marketing program. If budget is not a constraint, you can opt for a multi-channel influencer strategy and can consider celebrities as Influencers for your brand. Not everything is lost if you have a low budget. There are lots of influencers who will promote your brand on barter if you can convince them of the value of the product to their followers. But it’s important that you identify Influencers who focus on your target audience segment.

  •  Research, choose and finalize your influencer

Start by listing out all the potential influencers in your niche. Select the right influencer for your campaign based on your campaign objective and then contact them and brief them about your campaign objective and goal. 

  •  Finalize the collaboration contract with your influencer 

After you finalize your influencer, make sure to share your brand guidelines with them. It will help them to create the content in alignment with the campaign goal and brand expectation.

It’s recommended to have a contract with collaborators to ensure both parties understand the expectations. It’s also important to protect the interest of your brand as most of the influencers will be working with many brands.

  • Make the campaign live and measure it

Once the campaign is live, please track the performance of your campaign. Measure reach, engagement, traffic and conversions irrespective of the channel against content used and influencer. Metrics will help you to understand the effectiveness of each influencer and align your future action to the most effective influencers.

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