How to Super Charge Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns For Automobile Industry.



Is Facebook a good platform for lead generation for the automotive industry?

When it comes to the automobile industry, social media is extensively used to reach the audience as well as for lead generation. With more than 2.45 million active users, Facebook is the most powerful and cost-effective social media channel so it is one of the best social media channels for an Automobile dealer to generate more leads.

Facebook Marketing strategy for the Automobile Industry.

Based on our experience with the automobile industry, we would like to share the five most important factors which are important for digital marketing in the automobile industry.  

1.Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is a major part of any marketing strategy. When it comes to Facebook marketing, you need to know what your competitive edge is?  For an automobile brand, you need to keep track of competitors’ website’s social traffic, offers, product specifications, social ads and social media channels. You can track these data from different tools like SEMrush, Facebook ad library and Facebook FanpageKarma and these data can be used for crafting a better Facebook marketing strategy.

For example, Facebook allows you to track the competitors’ Facebook ads with the help of the Facebook ad library

Facebook marketing


Facebook marketing


2.Target the right audience

When it comes to Facebook marketing, targeting the right audience is a key factor for the success of the campaign. You need to know about targeted demographics, location, competitors and many more. You can create a new audience group or use the custom audience. When you are creating a new audience, you can target the specific location and age group also. In the audience target, Facebook allows you the detailed targeting option. The detailed targeting allows target based on audience demographics, interests and behaviors. It is an important part of audience creation before you jump into this section you need to know about your model, price range, competitors and more 

In the custom audience, you can add the database which includes email and phone number. Facebook will detect the Facebook accounts which incorporate with that database and Facebook automatically targets those accounts.

3.Lead generation ads

Facebook leads generation is a powerful tool for generating fresh leads for the automobile industry.  When you create a lead generation ad you need to target the right audience with good creatives and ad copy. Facebook lead generation ad helps you collect the information from your potential customers through an instant lead form. The information includes Name, Email, Phone number, company name and many more.

You can use the two types of lead generation ads.

  • Single image/video lead ads

Single image lead generation ads will run with a single image of your car or bike and ad texts. It will work better on Facebook other than Instagram. You can also use videos like car feature demonstrating videos, test-drive videos to attract the audience. 

  • Carousel Lead ads

Facebook allows you to use up to ten images or videos inside a single ad and each image or video has its own link. It will be useful for when you show different angles of product images to your audience and also you have more than one offer for your products. When you show all offers with the different angle images it will grab the audience’s attention to fill and submit the lead form.

To know more about lead generation ads read our previous blog: How to do cost-effective Facebook lead generation ads in 2020.

4.Drive traffic to the website from Facebook

For an automobile brand, driving website traffic is very important for improving brand awareness and also from the sales perspective.  Facebook has millions of active users and it provides incredible opportunities to reach the target audience and increase your website traffic. You can use the traffic objective as well as the conversation objective to drive the traffic to your website. When you are doing a traffic campaign with the carousel ad or static images you should add the UTM parameter to each link to find the source of the traffic. 

In the conversation campaign, you should integrate Facebook Pixel to the website to analyze each and every activity of your website visitors. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, optimize ads and retargeting. 

5.Measuring the performance and constantly monitoring CPL and CPC

Measuring the performance and tracking of the campaign is a very important part of Facebook marketing. Facebook lead ads and  Facebook traffic campaigns are measured by the CPL(cost per lead) and CPM( cost per click). You should keep an eye on CPL and CPM to measure the success of the campaign. If your CPL and CPM are increasing you should think about how to optimize your campaign. CPL and CPM may increase due to the irrelevant target audience or images or videos which you used or ad text. So that you should monitor the CPL and CPC to improve the performance of your campaign.


Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for any industry. Facebook ads are the best way to find quality leads for the automobile sector. These leads collect the actionable information from your potential customers. So that you can easily reach out to them and convert into quality leads. 

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