Top 6 Tips for Optimizing Your Product Detail Page on Amazon.

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A product details page is where customers find information about a product sold on Amazon. The Product details page is the same for all sellers who are selling a unique product. All product pages on Amazon will contain product title, product images, product description and customer reviews. Product pages can also contain information on variations and different sellers’ information from whom the product can be purchased.

 A successful product page on Amazon helps in transforming the product page traffic to sales. It also improves the listing ranking for relevant searches, helping the brand to increase organic sales. There are two factors which help in creating a successful product page

  1. Clarity about the product in the Product page
  2. Product Reviews and Seller Reviews which impart trust

Based on our expertise, we have found the following six factors which help to improve product detail pages on Amazon.

1. Search and Human-friendly Product Title

When a user searches for a product on Amazon, the first thing that catches the attention of the page visitor is the product title. The product title should contain the relevant keywords in which customers are searching on the Amazon search bar.  The Product title should also provide concise information about the product – like quantity, materials used, main features, etc. The following format can be used to craft effective product titles.

 [Brand Name] + [Product Feature] + [Material] + [Key Ingredient] + [Product Type] +[Model Number] + [Size] + [package count] + [Color] + [Flavor]

2.Mention your Brand Name in Product Title and Product Description

The brand name is a unique and identifiable name or trademark which helps to differentiate your product with the competitor’s products. It is recommended to make it part of your product title and product description, so that over a period of time, users can use it to discover your brand.

3.Highlight Product Features

It is recommended to highlight at least the top five key product features in the product pages. This will help the visitors in picking the right product and in turn improves the conversion rate. The statement must be in the bullet points which specifically talk about the product features and attributes. It may include dimensions, age appropriateness, country of origin, warranty information, etc. Product features should not spell out the promotional offers, company details and shipping details.

4.Reviews and Rating

A good product details page includes the review and rating of the Product. Customer reviews and rating is one of the major factors that attract customers on Amazon as it helps them to judge the product quality and popularity of the products before making a purchasing decision. So for new sellers, they need to work harder to get reviews and ratings at the initial stages.

5.Product Description 

A product description describes your product, it’s features and why a customer should buy it. A good product description provides enough information about its features and benefits to help a customer make a purchasing decision. The detailed product description can also help in improving search listing rank for searches in Amazon. The tone of your product description should match with the sensibilities of your target buyers and should provide them a list of features and benefits in a way that is easy to grasp.

The product description cannot contain company information, seller name, contact details, website URL and details about other products. It is also not allowed to use promotional words like “Sale” and “Free Shipping”.

6.Appropriate Product Image 

Sellers should use high-quality professional images when they are listing the product. The product detail page will give the closest customer experience about the product. Product page visitors should be able to see the product from different angles to get a better understanding of the product and it will help to increase the trust and confidence with your targeted audience

It’s also important to adhere to Amazon’s guidelines during product listing. We would recommend reading the guidelines on Amazon before starting your listing.

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